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Battle Tournament is the seventh episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.

This episode continues to use the alternate hub of the previous episode. At the start of the episode, no new map will be available at the Dimension Gate, and you must instead trigger a cutscene by talking to Etna in the main hub.


Initial Cutscene[]

Our heroes head to sleep to be rested for the next day of fighting, however Adell and Rozalin seem worried about what'll happen once they actually meet Zenon.

Talk to Etna[]

Etna is furious that Adell didn't keep the deal to lose to the Prinnies, even as he assures that there was no such deal. Etna then decides to simply root for our heroes to win and then just go along with you when they meet Zenon. Our heroes don't mind and head for dinner.

Later that night, Rozalin splits from the group and ponders about finally meeting her father and whether she can convince him to spare her new friends. Yukimaru then appears out of nowhere, planning to kill Rozalin, however Adell jumps in just in time to stop her attack. The rest of the party soon also arrives, starting the proper fight.

After the battle[]

Defeated, Yukimaru leaves, warning our heroes to be prepared for her return. The night passes, and our heroes get ready for the next fights.


This episode features a unique battle that does not appear in the map selection and can't be repeated.

The only enemy is a level 28 Yukimaru, and the map is fully covered in Geo Effects for Evade, No Lifting and Disperse Damage.

Finishing this battle unlocks the proper first map of the episode.