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Capturing Enemy Disgaea 2

An enemy caught in an attempt to be captured in the Base Panel in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days.

The square designated as a Base Panel in a map is where all Ally Units begin. Player units are "dispatched" from there, in order to take part in the battle. Units not dispatched cannot take part in the battle and cannot receive damage from enemies on the map. Some maps in certain games do not have base panels, and instead have a fixed array of user controlled characters in them.

Up to ten units can be dispatched at once, and defeated units will subtract from this limit for the current battle, to prevent players from winning battles merely by spawning unlimited characters in the battle. In Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, this limit can be increased to 16. In some games, there is an enemy counterpart titled the "Enemy Base Panel" where enemy units can spawn from on some maps.

It is possible to return units to the base panel to avoid further harm or to swap out units with unharmed units. Doing this can also be used to boost the movement range of a unit near the Base Panel, by first moving it into the Base Panel, and then dispatching the unit again and moving it to a desired position. If a unit has used its turn and is unable to move back under its own power, Throwing it back in using a Humanoid unit can also work.

Failed Capture Disgaea 2

The Base Panel being destroyed as a result of a failed capture in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days.

Throwing enemy units to the Base Panel will initiate an attempt to capture it, which initates a battle with it and all non-dispatched units, allowing them to take damage. Captured units cannot be used in the same battle due to them being reduced to zero HP. If a capture attempt fails, all ally units are reduced to zero HP, the enemy that was involved reappears, and the Base Panel is destroyed, preventing any outside units from returning to it for shelter.