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“The Fox's Sin of Greed of the Seven Deadly Sins, known for his fox-patterned tattoo and his immortality.”
—Character description

Ban, also known as the Fox's Sin of Greed, is one of the main characters of the anime series The Seven Deadly Sins. He appears in Disgaea RPG as an obtainable character through the The Seven Deadly Sins collaboration alongside Meliodas, Elizabeth, Diane, Gowther, King and Merlin.

Ban is one of the members of the Seven Deadly Sins and represents the Fox's Sin of Greed.



Ban retains his appearance from the The Seven Deadly Sins series.

Ban looks to be a tall young man, with a muscular figure. He has short white spiky hair. He has red eyes. He wears a red long-sleeved leather jacket with metal beads sewn throughout the linings of the jacket. He wears red leather pants with the same metal beads strewn about its lining. He wears red shoes.


Ban retains his personality from the The Seven Deadly Sins series.

Ban is a very passionate person when it comes to doing the things that catch his interest. True to his title as one of the Seven Deadly Sins, he frequently exhibits behavior exemplifying aspects of greed. He also harbors a grudge against the Demon Clan for what they did to his lover, Elaine.


The Seven Deadly Sins[]

For more information on his story from The Seven Deadly Sins, please visit the Nanatsu no Taizai Wiki

Ban escapes his prison upon hearing that Meliodas is around. He eventually meets up with Meliodas and Elizabeth and joins them on their journey.

Disgaea RPG[]



Stats Lv. 1 (4★) Lv. 9999 (6★)
HP 137 40508400
ATK 41 12002550
DEF 35 10502100
INT 28 7501950
RES 31 9001950
SPD 56 56
CRT 4% 4%
CRD 140% 140%


Elements Affinity
Fire 0%
Ice 0%
Wind 0%
Star 0%


Status Effects Affinity
Poison 40%
Paralyze 40%
Sleep 40%
Forget 40%

Weapon mastery[]

Weapon Affinity
Sword 4
Fist 10
Spear 4
Bow 4
Gun 4
Axe 4
Wand 4


Condition Name Description
Default Good Luck With That Party SPD + 7%
N.E. +1 You're Not Going Anywhere At the beginning of the turn, basic parameters other than your own HP + 10% (3 turns)
N.E. +5 Immortal Body At the beginning of the turn, recover your HP 12%
N.E. +7 My Fists Will Do When you are equipped with a fist weapon, ATK / DEF + 30%


Lv. Name Power SP Target ATT Dep Description
1 Snatch 15 > 9 Single / Single Now, let's get started♪
SPD+ 15>20%, halves enemies' boosts
200 Body Hunt E > E+ 20 > 14 Single / Self ATK You're not going anywhere♪
ATK+ 30%, slightly weakens enemies' boosts
N.E. +3 Banishing Kill C > C+ 90 > 80 AoE / AoE ATK You can't beat me, I'm immortal.
DEF- 12%


Mastery Name Power SP Target Att DEP Description
4 Speed Boost 10 > 4 Ally Increases SPD of the target (3 Turns) SPD+20 > 35%
9 Braveheart 10 > 4 Ally Increases ATK of the target (3 Turns) ATK+20 > 35%
15 Shield 10 > 4 Ally Increases DEF of the target (3 Turns) DEF+20 > 35%
22 Mega Speed Boost 20 > 14 Ally Greatly increases SPD of the target (3 Turns) SPD+40 > 55%
30 Mega Braveheart 20 > 14 Ally Greatly increases ATK of the target (3 Turns) ATK+40 > 55%
40 Mega Shield 20 > 14 Ally Greatly increases DEF of the target (3 Turns) DEF+40 > 55%

Nether Enhancement[]

Enhancement Description
+1 Unlock Evility: You're Not Going Anywhere
+2 Parameters +30%
+3 Unlock Skill: Banishing Kill
+4 Parameters +10%
+5 Unlock Evility: Immortal Body
+6 Parameters +30%
+7 Unlock Evility: My Fists Will Do
+8 Parameters +10%
+9 Parameters +10%
+10 Parameters +10%

Team affinity[]

Ban has a higher affinity for performing team attacks with the following units:

DRPG Meliodas Icon 1
DRPG Elizabeth Liones Icon 1
DRPG Diane Icon 1
File:DRPG Gowther Icon 1.png
File:DRPG Merlin Icon 1.png
File:DRPG King Icon 1.png
DRPG Elizabeth Liones Icon 2
Devil Girl Elizabeth
DRPG Etna Icon 5
Liones Princess Etna






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