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Baal Castle is a bonus area in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and its remakes. Here you will encounter Baal, a recurring superboss in the Disgaea Series.

Baal Castle can only be unlocked by clearing both the Beauty Castle and Alternate Netherworld bonus areas.

This area has 2 maps, with several rewards in the last one. In the last map, you get the chance to steal a rare armor, the Super Robo Suit and also a Nemesis (rank 41 legendary monster weapon) from Baal. Additionally, winning this battle grants Laharl the title "Tyrant".

After fighting Baal the first time, a harder second round becomes available upon revisiting the map. In the second fight against the superboss, you can steal the Nemesis Mk. II (rank 42 legendary monster weapon) and the rare Prinny Costume.

Etna Mode[]

In Etna Mode, only the first fight against Baal is available, though be it at a harder level than in Laharl's story. Clearing this stage leads to the "Tyrant Beauty Queen Etna" ending, forcing the player to start a new cycle.