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Axel Mode is an alternate story campaign for Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days. It is unlocked by completing the main story and starting a New Cycle, upon which a choice will be given to play Adell Mode (the normal story for Disgaea 2) or Axel Mode. Whichever is chosen, the entire story must be played through and another New Cycle started in order to change between modes.

The story is a prequel to Adell Mode, showing the various odd-jobs that Axel took before ending in Veldime.



This mode consists of 4 new episodes with 4 stages each, and enemy level scales much faster than in Adell Mode. The player keeps none of the unique characters from Adell Mode, retaining only their Generics. Land of Carnage is accessible in this mode. Playing through this mode unlocks Magichange and Receive(they're retained on future cycles and Adell Mode), as well as 3 new Generic classes(Deathsaber, Entei and Celestial Host).

Early Unlock[]

In Disgaea 2 PC there is a code that can be used on the title screen to unlock Axel Mode without starting a New Cycle. The difficulty is also heavily reduced when starting this way. The code adjusts to controller type and bindings, and consists of pressing the buttons for the following actions while the Start option is highlighted in the main menu: Menu, Movement Range, Cancel, Menu, Movement Range, Cancel, Accept. Axel will shout a quip if input correctly.

  • In PlayStation controllers with default bindings it would be: Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X.