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Awakening is the 11th episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Initial Cutscene[]

To the surprise of our heroes Zenon is still alive, and he has heavily wounded Fubuki. Having finally found his target, he spends the last of his strength to use his strongest attack against Zenon and the scene fades out.

We see our heroes back home tending to Fubuki, who's mortally wounded and about to die. Rozalin remembers about the Remedy they got at the Coliseum and decides to use it on Fubuki.

At the dimension Gate[]

Yukimaru thanks Adell and Rozalin for saving his brother, though he's still not fully healed. Rozalin suggests visiting the old man who gave them the remedy in the first place, as he may have more of it. Adell remembers he said to live in a place called Shinra Tower, setting up our next destination.