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Auto Battle is a gameplay feature that allows the AI to control the characters for the player in battle.

Disgaea 1 Complete[]

Auto Battle appears as mechanic exclusive to the iOS and Android releases of Disgaea 1 Complete.

This feature automatically dispatches characters and has them attack enemies or heal allies.

Disgaea 4[]

iOS and Android version of Disgaea 4 has Auto Battle feature that can be enabled in game options.

Disgaea 6 onward[]

These games have an additional mechanic called Demonic Intelligence, which allows the player to configure sets of automatic instructions to be followed by each character. There's also an Auto-Repeat feature that immediately starts a stage again once beat.

In Disgaea 6, Demonic Intelligence and Auto-Battling are available from the beginning and have no restrictions.

In Disgaea 7 it's unlocked on Episode 5, and its use is now limited:

  • It can only be used in stages that have been cleared.
  • It spends a resource called Poltergas, at a rate of 1 per turn the battle takes. Poltergas is obtained by clearing stages manually (1 per stage), from some Quest rewards, or from Ranked Battles.
  • On Episode 8 a bill becomes available that lets you repeat an auto-battle after beating it, and the game will quickly simulate the stage as many times as requested and grant the appropriate rewards. Each auto-clear will cost as much Poltergas as the initial clear.