Attack is a recurring stat in the Disgaea series. It determines the physical damage dealt by most weapons and abilities. It is abbreviated as ATK in the status screens in the game.

Attack is usually increased by equipping weapons, equipment with the Gladiator Specialist, a belt, or a power weight of some kind. These items will increase attack, but may have drawbacks, such as belts lowering defense.

Weapons such as Swords, Axes, Bows and Monster weapons(physical) specialize in Attack and use the Attack stat in damage calculation(with Bows using 1/2 ATK and 1/2 HIT in damage calculation).

In Disgaea 2 and Disgaea 3, of all the dual stat specialists, ATK features the most among them.

The Attack stat is capped at 20,000,000 for Disgaea, 40,000,000 for Disgaea 2 and is capped at 99,999,999 for both Disgaea 3 and Disgaea 4.

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