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D5 Aptitude Example

Aptitude is one of the secondary stats that characters have, with every class having their own Aptitudes for each of the 8 main stats. It's represented as a percentage, and it acts as a multiplier to the stats gained from all equipment (increasing them if above 100%, decreasing them if below). Aptitudes are not present in Disgaea 6.

Aptitudes are not something that grows along with the character, and few methods exist to increase them:

  • (Disgaea 3 onward) Reincarnating a Unique character increases all Aptitudes permanently by 5%, stacking up to 25% bonus(changed to 30% in Disgaea 7). From Disgaea D2 onward it also works with Generics, but they only gain 1% if not reincarnating into the same class and tier.
  • (Disgaea 2) Weapon Scrolls modify some Aptitudes while equipped.
  • Certain Evilities can increase Aptitudes.
  • (Disgaea 3) Class World lets you increase each Aptitude permanently by up to 100%, but they're capped at 255%.
  • Chara World (Disgaea 4 and 5) and Demon Dojo (in Disgaea D2) let you increase Aptitudes permanently (no limit to how many times), but they are capped at 300%.
  • (Disgaea 7) Class Proficiency increases all Aptitudes by 1% for every 2 Proficiency ranks earned in any class, totaling 135% bonus.

From Disgaea 5 onward, the stat increases from Weapon Mastery and Same Rarity Bonus are added to Aptitudes where applicable.