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Ao is a character in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless.

The last of the named playable characters, Ao appears repeatedly throughout the game but does not become playable until post-game



Carrying blantent ice theming Ao is dressed to the nines in her namesake blue, from her light blue hair to her pale blue Kimono with deep ice blue patterns, she screams her powers to the rooftops with her design, accented cutely with a number of small snowmen hanging from her sleeves, from her braids and holding up her ponytail. In contrast to her pale skin, her traditional Hokkaido showshoes make her look like she has snowcones for feet. Within all this wintery imagery, her crimson eyes stand out eluding to her vicious nature as a powerful demon


In a word: Childish. Ao is a remarkably powerful demon with nothing better to do with her time than to run rampant across the land destroying anything that takes her fancy, with little regard or understanding for the consequences of her actions. Her childishness carries over to the way she speaks to those around her, cutely messing with those she holds affection for. This girl is trouble and she knows she's cute enough to get away with it


Ao first appears after the defeat of Big Bull, the "Security Magistrate", with a literal bang where she instantly destroys the Shogun's castle in a flash, bringing episode 1 to a close. She calls Fuji her father, something he denies and she flies off to cause more trouble. Fuji reveals due to her going around destroying stuff for fun and claiming him as her father, he is constantly being chased by debt collectors, causing him nothing but grief.

Ao reappears during episode 4 as one of the co-commentator of the tournament. When Higan Zesshosai starts rampaging at the end of the tournament, she follows suit and instantly destroys the stands and vanishes into the chaos

She become real demon in the post game.


Snow Shower

Ao using Snow Shower in Disgaea 7

Other Appearances[]

Disgaea RPG[]

Ao appears as an obtainable character. Alternate variations of Ao can also be obtained.