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Antoire is a minor character appearing in the Etna Mode scenario from Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness and Disgaea DS.

She appears as a boss in the Finale episode's first stage.


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Antoire is established in the story as an assassin working under the employ of Maderas. When Etna begins her invasion of Maderas' territory, the Dark Durians intercept her, summoning Antoire to deal with her. Antoire belittles Etna a bit before confronting her.

Upon defeating Antoire, she shows humility towards Etna and promptly joins the party.

Antoire has no role in the story afterwards and is never mentioned again.


Antoire, being a unique version of the Succubus class, shares that class's strengths and weaknesses. Namely: mediocre HP, low DEF, and moderate ATK and INT growth.

Like her counterparts, three of her four Special Moves run off of INT, despite Monster Weapons mainly catering to ATK-based Monsters. Therefore, Teacher Specialists are advised should the player wish to invest in these attacks.

What separates Antoire from her generic counterparts are her Resistance to Status Ailments, which are all capped at 99. (Ala Thursday)

This makes her a great "decoy" character, especially against Archers, Wingeds, and other Status-causing characters and attacks.

Antoire's class title is "Noble Demon."


  • Antoire has the highest Reincarnation costs of any Special Characters due to a programming bug in the PSP version of the game. When she Transmigrates, the game will add a "Killed #" counter normally reserved for generic Monster classes when selecting her competency level, thus locking her Mana Costs at the amount a newly-unlocked monster's would be. Manager Specialists can somewhat alleviate this, as they increase Mana Gain.