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Angelic Whip is a unique skill used by Vulcanus's class, Angel of Avarice, first appearing in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.


"Such a gentle touch, but it's still brutal."


Angelic Whip d4

Angelic Whip's power level is ranked at a 'E', making it slightly stronger than Mandatory Repo, Vulcanus's first unique skill. The damage dealt by this skill relies on both the user's speed and accuracy, like the other two of her skills. Angelic Whip can hit three spaces vertically in front of the user. It is not associated with any ailment, but it is of the Wind element. It is not known at what exact level Vulcanus requires to learn this skill, since it is initially acquired.


Vulcanus takes out a gigantic, feathered whip, and strikes her target(s) with it, sending them into the air. Almost at that very moment, she flies upwards along with them. Extending the whip, she wraps it around the target(s) as they are all suspended in mid-air. Vulcanus slams them down to the ground, where on impact, a flurry of light and feathers surround(s) the target(s), which then dissipate.