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Angels are a recurring race in the Disgaea series. Known as the protectors of Celestia, most angels see themselves as beings of absolute good, while seeing demons as beings of absolute evil, and humans as needing their protection. Unlike demons, who come in various forms and sizes, all known angels are winged humanoids, with wing size ranging from unusably small to very large, depending on spiritual power. The same way demons live off of the fear of humans, angels live off of their "awe" and belief in them. Clerics and Succubi are said to be either fallen angels or at least descended from them.

A trait shared by all angels is that their blood is extremely pure, shielding them from any and all diseases. An angel can also cure humans and demons of any disease by making them drink their blood, though Celestial law forbids angels harming their own bodies. This proved vital in curing the Netherworld of Disgaea 4 of the A-Virus pandemic, as this virus had no regular cure.

In Disgaea 4, it is revealed that humans with pure hearts can be reborn as angels after death. It also reveals that a Fallen Angel can regain their angel status and even become an Archangel like Flonne.

In Disgaea 5, Christo is "officially" revealed to be an angel after curing Usalia of her special poisoning. Majorita claims that no cure for it can be found in the Netherworld, shocked when in their next encounter with the main group that Usalia is still alive and begins to also suspect Christo is an angel.

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  • Flonne is shown to be able to switch between her Fallen Angel and Angel forms, as seen in Disgaea Infinite and Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. It is unknown if this is an ability all Fallen Angels possess.

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