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The Alternate Overlord, also known as the True Overlord of Other Worlds, is a demon encountered in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and its remakes.


Like other minor characters in the games, the Alt Overlord uses a generic sprite. In his case, he uses a Great Wyrm sprite. More exact, he shares the apppearance with the Efreet Tier of the Great Wyrm class.


The Alternate Overlord is a very boastful demon, evidently eager to show off his strength and boast about his power. He expresses a desire to become the "Supreme" Overlord, and is willing to crush anyone in his way.


A large and seemingly powerful demon, he claims to have won 40,000 battles. According to him, in the past he attempted to control the Netherworld of Disgaea, but was stopped by King Krichevskoy.


Disgaea: Hour of Darkness[]

The Alt Overlord appears in episode 6, claiming to have arrived from another Netherworld, around midway through Laharl's challenge to the title of Overlord. After Laharl and his companions complain about the demon's size, he displays the ability to split himself into ten bodies, each much smaller than the original (when first seen, his foot is large enough to take up much of the screen). A battle then commences.

Laharl and his forces are quickly defeated, but the Vassals from The Overlord's Castle who disappeared at the start of the episode will appear and aid in defeating the Alt Overlord.

In the next episode, should the player talk to Ghoss (the ghost in the Overlord's castle who helped in the battle), he will mention that demons like the Alt Overlord are rather common in the alternate dimension, which is actually ruled by the much more powerful Lord of Terror.

He later reappears in the Demonhall Mirror, at the third stage. He has returned as one body titled the "True Overlord", with the Class 'Overlord' and back at his original level of 750. This battle is much more difficult than the original, thanks to his equipment and the four Geo panels.


  • Like other minor characters in the game, his ultimate fate is unknown after his battle, though it can be assumed he is dead.
  • Should the players win in the initial battle, the Vassals will not appear to assist Laharl, so them disappearing at the beginning of the chapter creates a small plot hole that goes unexplained.
  • Since after performing his "Doppelganger" technique, each of the ten copies was Level 75, it is logical to assume the original Alt Overlord was around Level 750. This is confirmed in the Demonhall Mirror in the remakes.