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Altered Town is the 3rd map of Summoned Overlord, the 9th episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Before the battle[]

Taro feels there's something weird about the fake Zenon, since he seemed to know Rozalin and talked like he was her father. Yukimaru also suspects something's off, as the supposed fake did resemble what she remembers from her childhood. Tink points out that the Masked Man and Woman also treated him like Zenon, increasing the confusion. However the party is attacked before they can think about it any further.

After the battle[]

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At Zenon's castle, he has been successfully revived and is frustrated at underestimating Etna. The Masked Woman reminds him it's time to reapply the seal that controls them, and after he does so he orders them to find the princess once more.

Dark World[]

Unlock: Fill the Bonus Gauge to level 2 or more.