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An Ally Kill is when a player unit is directly killed by an attack from another player unit. Usually, lots of Ally Kills will result in a bad ending or be a requirement for it.

Characters still receive EXP from defeated allies, although it is only 1/4 of the basic value. When an ally character is in another character's attack range, the game will often warn the player in red text that an ally is in the range of the attack, however this warning does not appear if an ally is moved into the position of a queued attack.

The game keeps track of how many Ally Kills the player has, though the counter is reset at the beginning of each new cycle. Most games (with the exception of the original Disgaea: Hour of Darkness) have a record keeper NPC where one can see their current Ally Kill counter.

For the sake of clarity, here's a list of deaths that do not count as an Ally Kill:

  • A Prinny (or a unit Magichanged with a Prinny) dying from being thrown
  • Death from explosion damage
  • Killing a neutral unit
  • Killing a clone
  • Units inside the Base Panel dying during a Capture attempt
  • Death from damage by Carrying a unit (Disgaea 1 only)
  • Death from a Geo Effect or Geo Chain damage
  • Death from Poison damage
  • Using a skill that kills the user(applies to the user only, other allies hit by the skill are still at risk)