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The Actress is a female Blue Entei that appears in Axel Mode, the bonus mode of Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days.


When Axel is to go to the next part of the film "Makai Wars" he ends up fighting the Actress (who is currently named "Rogue" in battle). Afterwards the Film-maker arrives and shouts at Axel because he just beat up the Actress, but it turns out the Actress is a big Axel Fan and shows this by saying the exact time when Axel was last on TV (as any Non-Axel fan wouldn't remember this) and she joins his group.


The Actress is a re-color of the Great Wyrm class, and learns no unique skills of her own, instead learning generic Wyrm skills. She also possesses the same ability the Wyrm does. (Status increase per the number of Wyrms on the map, capping at 10, including the Actress herself) Her Special Skills are Fire-based: making her great against enemies weak to it.

The Actress is a character that mixes high HP with outstanding ATK power. Her ability also ensures she gets a status boost the moment she is summoned from the Base Panel. Unfortunately, without fellow Wyrms backing her up, she's little more than your typical heavy-hitter. Plus, while her stats are decent for a unique character, they will never stack up to those of a final-tier Great Wyrm. 

The Actress Magichanges into an Axe. 



  • The Actress has a deep female voice when attacking in battle, instead of the normal growls of a Great Wyrm.
  • The Actress's unique voices also do not change when making a switch from English to Japanese Audio.