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Accessories are a recurrent category of equipment in the Disgaea franchise. There are various types, each with its own specialty, and units can equip up to 3 Accessories at a time.

During battle, ally units can use the "Equip" command to freely change their equipment, so long as they haven't spent their action for the turn.

Like any other item, Accessories can be strengthened by adding Specialists or going through its Item World.

Accessory types[]

  • Armor: Increases DEF. Since Disgaea D2, also increases RES to a lesser degree.
  • Belt: Increases ATK.
  • Shoes: Increases SPD, Move and Jump.
  • Glasses: Increases HIT. Also increases INT to a lesser degree.
  • Orb: Increases SP and RES.
  • Muscle: Increases HP.
  • Emblem: Increases all stats.
  • Special: Rare items with unique stats and acquisition conditions.

List of Accessories[]

For an overview of the accessories used in each game, please consult their respective pages, listed below. These pages include info on accessory stats and in some cases the special location where to find them.

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